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Mongolian Embroidered Wool Felt Man's Snuff Bottle Pouch
This emroidered pouch is from Mongolia. I acquired it several years ago in the Gobi Desert in central Mongolia, in the land of Chinghis Khan. The Mongols have a custom of sharing their snuff bottles as part of their greeting ritual. When visitors arrive, the head of the household will take out their snuff bottle and pass it around to each of the guests, holding it in their right hand and extending it out to the guest as if to shake hands, left hand holding up the right elbow. The guest receives the bottle in the same manner, partially opens the top to take a pleasurable whiff of the snuff inside, removes the cap with a spoon attached, scooping out a small amount of snuff, sprinkles it on the side of their hand then snuffing it into the nose. The cap is then partially replaced, and returned to the host. This pouch is embroidered with the same design on both front and back. Along the center middle seam on one side is a 5 inch slit. It is edged in a green gold brocade fabric and lined with a dark plum purple twill fabric. The pouch is tucked under and folded over the cloth sash wrapped around the waist of the deel, the traditional robe worn by both men and women.
Size: 7 1/2" x 17".
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Mongolian Carved Wood Ceremonial Milk Offering Spoon
This hand-carved wooden spoon from Mongolia is used to sprinkle milk offerings to the heavenly realms for safe jouneys when people embark on their travels, and for other ceremonial purposes. The bowl of the spoon is carved with 9 little wells which hold the milk when dipped onto the milk container. The number nine is the most sacred number in Mongolian cosmology. The handle is carved in the very auspicious pattern which is found on many decorative objects and fabrics. The carved finial and tendrils are very well done. This piece was acquired in Ulanbaatar, the capitol of Mongolia, on a trip in 2002.

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Mongolian-Tibetan Buddhist Prayer Book Pouch
This embroidered wool felt pouch is used to hold the traditional Tibetan Buddhist long narrow prayer books. The felted wool fabric is rich deep dark navy blue. The eternal knot medallions are embroidered on red silk brocade in green and blue thread. It is edged with orange ribbon and red and green bands of brocade fabric on the inner edge for added durability. The side seams are hand-stitched in green thread. The pouch is lined in a dark teal twill fabric and a decorative yellow wool ribbon is attached to the flap point to bind the pouch when not in use. This pounch was acquired in the Gobi Desert in Central Mongolia in 2002.

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