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1940's Regional Navajo Rug
This Navajo Rug is made from all handspun wool, with two natural sheep colors, the white and grey, and three dyed colors, the red, black and light brown. The edging cords along the selvages and ends are made from light brown tightly twisted 2-ply handspun wool, giving this rug excellent strength, durability and protection from wear. These edging cords are one of the elements found on an authentic Navajo rug. Mexican imitations do not have these edging cords on the selvages or ends, and instead have a fringe on either end rather than the characteristic continuous warp loops bound by the edging cord of the real Navajo rug. The design of this rug is bold, with three columns of stacked diamonds, two of half diamonds against a ground of alternating neutral stripes. Condition of this rug is excellent, with only a few loose yarns, one 1/4 inch soil spot, and a few very small and almost unnoticeable stains on one side. No fading, red is still fully saturated and vivid. Can be used in the existing condition; no need for any restoration. The weave is medium-light weight, in between blanket and rug weight, but leaning towards the rugs weight. Size is 45 inches by 72 inches.
Note: rug is actually square.
Item #amin07

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Turkoman Style Oriental Rug
Identification: probably a Bokhara from Pakistan
Technique: hand-woven knotted wool on cotton warp
Date: mid-20th C.
Size: 27" x x46 1/2"
Motifs: classic Tekke medallions
Warp ends per inch: "16/18" or 288 knots per inch—best quality
Warp Material: 8-ply cotton, S-twist
Weft Material: soft lusterous single-ply wool
Knot/Pile: Persian knot, pile inclines to the left. Very dense pile.
Colors: Deep red, indigo blue, yellow/gold, natural white
Quality: Very fine quality. Rug has a very soft hand. Very good craftsmanship; well-woven. Top quaity for this kind of rug. Superior colors, design, materials and craftmanship.
Condition: Excellent condition

Item #: rug04

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Pre-1940 Regional Navajo Rug
Date: 1920 - 1940
Size: 29" x 44"
Warp ends per inch: 8 epi
Weft ends per inch: 52 ppi (picks per inch
Materials: handspun wool warp and weft
Condition: Overall very good condition. One corner has a 2" by 3" old fabric patch machine sewn on to protect the yarn from unraveling, where some of the yarns are broken. There are a few faint yellowish stains in the center, which is very common in pieces of this age, as this was a rug which was used in the household of a Navajo family who owned speep and dogs and likely lived in a hogan.
Other features: both selvages are bound with the edging yarn (see photos). Both ends have the double twisted warp binding cords which hold the warp on the loom when woven. These edging cords on all four sides not only gives the rug more durability from wear and tear, but are also essential elements of an authentic Navajo rug. This is a very finely woven Navajo rug, finer than most older rugs that you find. 52 weft picks per inch is not very common, except in the better quality pieces. Most Navajo rugs were woven with much thicker weft yarn. All the colors are natural except obviously the red. The light brown is a less common natural color
Keywords: american indian, native american, south west weaving

Item #: rug03

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