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We became involved in the antiques business—for love of art and beauty—appreciation for fine craftsmanship—fascination with history of world cultures and the uniquely rich world views these offer—and the pure enjoyment and excitement of traveling and collecting. In an age of ugliness and complete lack of aesthetic imagination, the world is increasingly being filled to the brim with cheap mass-produced products. Old cultures and ways of life are being lost and destroyed. In such a time, the look and feel of an old hand-made object which sparks a distant memory, reflects a time, culture and way of being when life was perhaps simpler, certainly richer, more complex and connected to deeper meaning, or even more soulful and spirited. Sometimes these objects can stir the soul in unexpected ways, or provide glimpses into the lives of the people who owned them, and certainly add beuty to one's surroundings.

Golden Thread Antiques has been in the business of buying and selling fine antiques, collectibles and unique interior accessories from around the world since 1994. We were one of the early antiques businesses to sell on the web and have our own web site, which we launched in 1996 and have been running successfully now for almost a decade.

We have shown in some top quality antiques shows locally and nationally, including the Star of the North show in Minneapolis, Glorious Moments in Carmel, California and the Bennett Whitehawk Antique American Indian Art and Ethnographic Shows in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Our antiques were featured in the Antiques Home and Garden Show Series on cable television as one of the few featured antiques dealers. We were told our booth was selected from hundreds of dealers at the show for the fine quality of merchandise and beautifully rich display. The film crew and director of the series spent several hours interviewing us about our fine collection as they filmed us talking mostly about our antique textiles. It was an honor to be included in this show and was exciting to share our antiques and knowledge with a wider television audience!

The owner of Golden Thread Antiques, Lydia Kulesov, holds a B.A. and an M.A. in Design, specializing in Design and Art History, Architecture and Fine Art, with a special emphasis on textiles. She taught design at the University of Minnesota for a number of years. She has worked as a professional designer producing commissioned art textiles for private and public spaces. In addition to collecting and dealing in antiques, she continues a career as a professional artist, currently painting mainly landscapes using pastels. Her works can be viewed and purchased in the art gallery section of this web site.